I am setting up a station to work Qatar-OSCAR 100 [QO 00]. I am using 1.2m offset dish. For RX I use RTL-SDR dongle. It is RTL2832U chipset. I am using Linux Mint running on laptop.

To align a dish, I had two options, one is to have someone to help me or take all setup near to dish, align and comeback to shack. Since we are living socially distancing life, I thought of choosing second option.

I climbed the terrace with laptop, RTL-SDR dongle, bias t and powerbank to supply power to bias t. It was around 10:30am. Soon I learnt that such activities are good either in morning or evening or night. In the sunlight you can see laptop screen with difficult. You need a good powerbank to supply 12v to bias t for long time. If you connect to laptop, you will run out of power soon.

In my location, getting beacon is little difficult. So it will take good amount of time.

I stopped aligning dish and postponed to that day evening. But got another work and could not complete it.

While doing research about aligning dish, I stumbled on this code. It is very nice. You just run it on raspberry pi, keep raspberry pi in shack. Access QO-100_SSB-WebSDR_DATV-WebSpectrum in cellphone browser. Adjust beacon frequency, connect your headphones to cellphone, keep it in your pocket. Go near dish, align it with both hands.

I found this is very simple and easy technique for adjusting dish. Hope this helps.